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Our Prague cleaning company guarantees quality and professional cleaning done by fully qualified employees. Their experience and long-term activity in the cleaning field ensure perfect cleanliness and customer satisfaction with the provided cleaning services.

The credo of our cleaning company is to build and maintain a satisfied customer clientele, which will assure their loyalty to our cleaning services. In return, our cleaning company is continuously trying to improve the technology and working procedures of our cleaning methods.

Why should you choose our cleaning company?

  • we guarantee solid and helpful behavior
  • we promise to hear out  all your wishes and find a suitable and pertinent solution for any unusual situations
  • we will save work, your valuable time and we won´t waste your money
  • we reach the best and highest quality you can find on the market
  • we will save you from buying expensive home appliances
  • we will avoid the damage of your furniture and other surfaces caused by improper care
  • we create a pleasant, clean and revitalizing environment in all office buildings and homes
  • we modify the work schedule of cleaning services according to your requirements
  • we are open to establishing mutually beneficial relationships with our customers based on mutual trust

We offer the cleaning of apartments, panel houses, family homes, cleaning of offices, guest houses and hotels, cleaning of industrial centers, sports halls, schools and nurseries and a range of other cleaning services. We have something for everyone! An interesting offer of our Prague cleaning company is also cleaning after fires.

Our cleaning company specialized in cleaning closely follows the latest trends in cleaning and washing. The methods we use for cleaning are not only very reliable, scientifically validated and modern, while also meeting environmental criteria, and they don´t lack care for the materials being cleaned.

In the field of cleaning services, we occupy a high rank among other cleaning companies, yet we are still trying to improve our cleaning.

We are specialists in deciding which cleaning products are suitable for the materials and our cleaning company has a variety of cleaning tools and machinery. With our cleaning company you don´t only receive quality, friendly and inexpensive cleaning services, but also a guarantee that for various types of furniture, materials or surface we will use the technology and cleaning products that are suitable and adequate for the particular situation.

The employees of our cleaning company work on time and with precision. We don´t lack the desire and willingness to satisfy the needs of every customer. Faithful performance of cleaning services is our best reference!
Among the less frequently offered cleaning services, but regularly available in our cleaning company,  including cleaning after fires, thus ensuring the elimination of cleaning soot and smoke lasting on the walls, computer equipment, furniture and floors. The removal of the damages should be cared for by qualified professionals using respirators, and we provide such services for our clients in our cleaning company. Cleaning after fires also includes the use of specialty chemicals and technology to eliminate the smell of burning.

We offer a guarantee for all our cleaning services!

Feel free to contact our cleaning company, order our cleaning services and entrust cleaning into our hands! You'll save time and money!

If you have any questions or comments, contact us, we will be happy to answer all of them!

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